Make Your Own - Sustainable Christmas Crackers


A great way to reduce waste and have a little fun this Christmas is to make your own Christmas crackers. 

Throw away Christmas novelty's are often one of peoples big festive bug bears. This kit will allow you to fill your crackers with whatever you like and have a little fun doing it. Lets face they look pretty nice too!

The kit can make 6 Christmas crackers

Product Details

Kit includes:

5 meters of Honeycomb Wrap

1 x 50 meter roll of berries design paper tape

1 x 3 meter roll of Merry Christmas ribbon

1 x set of instructions

Please note the cardboard tubes are not included in the kit. You can use toilet roll cores or cut 10cm lengths from the inner of a gift wrap roll.

Below is a little guide on how to do it: 

What you will need to make one cracker:

  • 1 x 10cm cardboard tube (eg toilet roll core or cut from wrapping paper core)
  • Roughly 25cm square of honeycomb wrap
  • 2 x 25cm lengths of Christmas ribbon
  • Paper tape

The steps you should follow for each cracker:

  • Take your 25cm square sheet of honeycomb wrap. No matter how tempted you are do not pull the wrap apart at this stage and lay flat with the combs running vertically (This is important as the cracker will not pull apart if they are running horizontally).
  • Lay your cardboard tube on the paper at the bottom edge. Make sure it is positioned centrally and tape the edge of the honeycomb paper to the tube with your berries paper tape. 
  • Roll the tube wrapping it in the honeycomb paper. The 25cm sheet should roughly cover the tube twice. Cut a length of tape the same length as your tube and secure the honeycomb paper together.
  • Securely tie one end with one length 25cm length of your merry Christmas ribbon. 
  • Now insert your gift, treat, joke or whatever surprise you like into the tube.
  • Tie the open end with your ribbon to form your cracker. 
  • Finally gently pull the excess wrap at the ends to reveal the honeycomb effect
  • Now repeat. You will have plenty honeycomb wrap left after 6 crackers so why not order some extra ribbons and paper tapes separately to make more crackers with different designs. 


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