Our Story

At Cascayde we source beautiful products which have a positive impact in local communities and on our planet as a whole. We partner with amazing organisations from around the world to find products with interesting designs and a unique story. We recognise that by providing alternative livelihood opportunities in communities, not only can we create meaningful change for those people but for the environment too.

What are our goals

At Cascayde we are focused on partnering with organisations who share our values. When sourcing our products there are a number of different elements which we seek. As we are working primarily with small businesses and young entrepreneurs we acknowledge that it can be difficult to adhere to all of these from the get go but we aim to continually encourage and work towards fulfilling all of our goals.

We aim to:

Why the name Cascayde

Because much like a cascade or waterfall which are formed when small bodies of water come together, we believe that by bringing small organisations together and providing a platform we can make a big and beautiful impact.

Cascayde waterfall cascade

Who do we partner with

We are currently working with three incredible partner organisations based in South East Asia:

Several Needs

Our zip bags and cushion covers are designed and made in Bali, Indonesia by our inspiring partners at Several Needs. Several Needs have a very modern way of working. The ladies who sew the bags, work from home at times to suit their own lifestyle. This creates exciting job opportunities in communities where people might otherwise have had limited options. We think that the tagline of Several Needs sums them up perfectly:


Olivia and Diego 

Our bracelets and necklaces are made in the Philippines by the amazing Olivia & Diego. Olivia & Diego is a socially conscious business that creates jewellery from eco-friendly and upcycled materials. They work with communities of stay-at-home mothers and human trafficking survivors to create each unique piece. We love Olivia and Diego as not only is their jewellery beautiful and good for the environment, but they also create local jobs and develop communities in the Philippines. 

Olivia & Diego

Daydream Republic

Our stunning Pin My Travels world maps are created in the Philippines by the wonderful Daydream Republic. With their beautifully designed maps, Daydream Republic hope to inspire the inner wanderlust in all of us and make our bucket lists a reality.

We are always looking for exciting new partners to work with if you would like to talk to us about this please email us on sales@cascayde.com.